Selected performances
Stork Migrations Control food and you control the people The Moor May Go* Genealogies Ritournelle Compulsion-Attaque Dawdle A Space Made For Giants Eier haben Odem She's all dressed up for peace Cabine
Reel crusoe Aus den Trümmern des Paradieses Exhibition: Forschungswerkstatt - Kolonialgeschichte in Tempelhof und Schöneberg In Arcadia: How Soldiers Become Mermaids Trümmerberg Kilimanjaro
Hommage to Diane Torr Squat Monument Heraud-Baumann Reflektor Forum theatre in prison: “zukunftsmusik” Shifts- Investigating Scores Dealing With Normative Gaze In Performance Art
Portrait of Bárbara Santos for her book Sans Titre, 2020 Spring Champs Père et Fils / Father and Son Sans Titre, 2021 Au dessus, 2019

Compulsion-Attaque is a research on the imagery of demonstrations. I investigate the affects that goes through the body in situations of tension and in relation with particluar objects: banner, paving stone, spray cans... I focused on two different types of emotions: one is defined "Compulsion", which is a type of violence that is contained in the body and "Attaque" which is the expression of its saturation. I collect banners, flags and memories in demonstrations that will generate a narration in movement, activated by the action of the body and the spectator's participation..


with Till Baumann
Reflektor 2
Naherholung Sternchen, Berlin, 2014

Photo: Rasa Urnieziute

solo performance
Performancy Forum
Panoply Performance Laboratory, Brooklyn, 2014

Photo: Kerwin Williamson

with Till Baumann
Centro Cultural Santa Cruz, Bolivia, 2014

Video: Hector Canonge

solo performance
Festival INACT
La Semancerie, Strasbourg, 2014

Photo: Christian Botale

solo Performance
Maison Particulière art center
Brussels, 2014

Photo: Béatrice Didier, Till Baumann

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