Forum theatre in prison: “zukunftsmusik”

Selected performances
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Scenography for the forum theatre projects in prison "zukunftsmusik" for Miteinander e.V. between 2014 and 2016.
Forum theater is part of the Theater of the Oppressed, an aesthetic method committed to the transformation of reality, created by Brazilian theatre practitioner Augusto Boal.

All forum theatre project with young people from Raßnitz youth prison, focussing on the topic “future”.

zukunftsmusik forumtheaterproduktion develops prison theatre projects in Saxony-Anhalt with Miteinander e.V.

Artistic direction: Till Baumann

Assistant direction/ Production direction: Pascal Kleßen

Visual and Scenography: Anaïs Héraud-Louisadat

Music: Lukas Schmidt-Wiegand (2016), Jonathan Falk/DJ Kalaz (2014-15)

Technic: Thomas Niederloh (2016), Jonathan Falk (2014-15)

Project direction: Ricarda Milke, Collaborator: Christoph Beyer and Pascal Kleßen

In the JA Raßnitz in collaboration with Markus Herold (Katholische Seelsorge)

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zukunftsmusik forumtheaterproduktion
September-November 2016

Part of the team: Till Baumann (Künstlerische Leitung), Pascal Kleßen (Regieassistenz/Produktionsleitung), Anaïs Héraud (Visuelle Gestaltung), Lukas Schmidt-Wiegand (Musik), Thomas Niederloh (Technik). zukunftsmusik forumtheaterproduktion führt in Sachsen-Anhalt Gefängnistheaterprojekte in Trägerschaft von Miteinander e.V. durch, Projektleitung Ricarda Milke, Mitarbeit Christoph Beyer und Pascal Kleßen, in der JA Raßnitz in Zusammenarbeit mit Markus Herold (Katholische Seelsorge)

zukunftsmusik forumtheaterproduktion: SPIELO
September-December 2015

Part of the team: Pascal Kleßen (assistant director/producer), Jonathan Falk (music/light/sound), Anaïs Héraud (visuals) and Ricarda Milke and Christoph Beyer (Miteinander e.V.) and Markus Herold.

Forum theatre in prison: “zukunftsmusik”
August-December 2014

 Forum theatre project with young people from two prisons: JA Raßnitz and JVA Herford, creating two forum theatre productions about the topic “future”. After the presentations in Raßnitz and Herford both groups met in JVA Raßnitz.

Part of the team: Pascal Kleßen (assistant director/producer), Jonathan Falk (music/light/sound), Anaïs Héraud (visuals) and Ricarda Milke and Christoph Beyer (Miteinander e.V.), Markus Herold, Nicole Sonnenbaum und Michael King.

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