Portrait of Bárbara Santos for her book "Teatro das Oprimidas, Estéticas para poéticas politicas"

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Portrait of Bárbara Santos for her book ://aboutblank Sans Titre, 2020 Spring Champs Père et Fils / Father and Son Sans Titre, 2021 Au dessus, 2019

The portrait was commissioned by the author Bárbara Santos for her new book «Teatro De Las Oprimidas, Feminist Aesthetics For Political Poetics» in its english and portuguese version.

The book has been publisehd in 2023 by Philos.

Bárbara Santos is a brazilian author, theater director and activist. 




Oil on canvas, 60 x 50 cm

Published by Philos in 2023

Bárbara Santos' book presentation

Bárbara Santos presents her book "Teatro de Las Oprimidas: feminist aesthetics for a political poetics" at Spore Initiative, cultural center in Berlin. She reads from the newly published English translation. Santos discusses her work in the context of Theater of the Oppressed - the further development of the repertoire of exercises, games and techniques.


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